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Your strategic partner

Technology is changing the world at an increasingly rapid pace. Those business who do not keep up quickly get left behind. The new way of working requires adaptability but also offers many opportunities. Don’t want to miss an opportunity? Then you’ve come to the right place.  

Fortezza is there for everyone, both internally and in the chain, who: 

  • Wants to work more efficiently 
  • Wants to work safely and flexibly 
  • Must comply with the laws and regulations 
  • Wants to optimise the use of data 
  • Needs expertise in software development 

In an ever-changing world, we ensure that organisations can adapt and grow. 

Our services


We ensure that everyone can work efficiently online anytime, anywhere.


Contributes significantly to the software development process.


Makes  data-driven business management possible


Protects organisations against digital threats, from strategy to execution.


Translates strategic ambitions into logical and concrete IT solutions. 

Hoe wij onze klanten succesvol maken

Fortezza Groep bedient vanuit haar gespecialiseerde units verschillende klanten. In de verschillende klantcases hieronder vertellen wij samen met onze klanten hoe we mensen en organisaties succesvol hebben gemaakt.

“We grew fast and developed in a different direction. Our old IT-provider could no longer live up to our expectations. We wanted a partner who not only provides first-line support, but also thinks strategically with us."
Sergio Koster - IT-manager Hittech

Wij werken onder andere voor:

“We believe that people are the ones who can create real change within your organisation. By connecting the entire value chain, from customer to supplier and from employees to our specialists, we enable organisations and their employees to grow successfully.”

How we work

The choice of IT partner is a strategic one for most businesses At  Fortezza , transparency is therefore paramount. By providing insight into the process, our customers are not faced with any surprises and always remain in control. Our approach to work is pragmatic, down-to-earth and with no frills attached. We do what we promise and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We implement proven data and  IT solutions and cybersecurity services, tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements, and we do this together with the customer, personally and committed. We work in small teams, and by being closely involved in our clients’ developments, we’re able to think together at both executive and strategic levels. 

Why Fortezza?


Fortezza helps organisations in one or more areas. Whether it's an IT, cybersecurity, software or data issue. Or just a general problem.


At Fortezza, transparency comes first. By providing insight into the process, our clients are not faced with any surprises and always remain in control.

Working from a strategy

Establishing business goals and ambitions form the beginning of the partnership. The strategy determines the technology, not the other way around.

Continuous learning

Using adoption processes, we ensure that changes are embraced by your organization.

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